The 5 Trends In The Interior Design Of 2018

The interior decoration will be full of contrasts between simplicity and future. Know the main trends

The interior design will be full of contrasts between simplicity and the future this year, always in line with the goal of solving some challenge of society and to personalize the furniture and spaces to create a unique, functional and true to our style, says VOX Furniture, a European brand that arrived in Mexico in the final stretch of last year and that exposes the five trends in interior design that will prevail this year.

  1. Design thinking

After finding the perfect place to live, the next step is to decorate it and give it a style of its own, which reflects the tastes and personality of those who inhabit it without forgetting the importance of the functionality of the furniture. The new design era aims at functional furniture that solves problems of modern people, such as space, order, and personalization of them. Therefore, “Design Thinking” will be one of the trends in interior design this year.

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  1. Nature

Materials such as terracotta and cork aim to displace the industrial style in 2018; however, in the choice of furniture, the preference will be for natural woods in light tones that resemble a place of relaxation, simplicity, and modernity. The wood will be present in unexpected places, such as ceilings and walls, becoming a key element to give a stylized touch to the spaces of the house.

  1. Simplicity

This does not mean boring, but quite the opposite. The straight and geometric lines such as squares, rectangles, and neutral colors will be the protagonists of homes that want to reflect order, elegance, and modernity at the same time.

  1. Pantone’s

The neutral tones in furniture and walls, such as white, sand, beige, gray and terracotta, will be the main Pantone in interior design. To go one step further, we recommend adding a touch of color in bright tones, for example blue, red, saffron, oak, yellow or vibrant pink. Also, complements with metallic elements in gold to give contrast and degree of luxury to space.

  1. Phrases

In 2017 the walls that simulated a blackboard were the perfect canvases to share the menu, creativity or an expression to start the day right. Now, the trend is a little more personal, with phrases in pictures, pillows or small places that seek to be the center of attention, without becoming ostentatious.

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