Interior Design Basics

You can tell a lot about an individual by the way they decorate their room and/or house. And that is why decor is exceptionally important to me. I enjoy using decor to make my living space appear classy and to reflect my personality, so when someone enters my space they automatically know what type of person I am.

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If decor did not exist then my space would just be an empty white box which does not describe myself at all. Furthermore, I find myself searching through antique shops frequently because I am an old soul at heart and enjoy vintage decor. It is these vintage pieces that make my room enjoyable for myself and enlightens my mood as soon as I see them. Therefore, decor is exceptionally important to me because of its reflection of my personality as well as enjoying its presence in my space.

Fluctuating feelings of excitement and anxiety fill up inside of me as I mentally and emotionally prepare myself to start my junior year of undergrad. My sister and my mother help me unpack the car and before I know it, they leave and I am left to decorate all by myself. In that moment of solitude and seclusion, I realized just how much the decor of this room would be impactful to my spiritual well-being.

The regular cliche posters of movies and musicians would not suffice. I needed to make sure my room, my space, my domain showed where I had been, where I am, and where I am going. In a few days I looked up, and my room had turned into a shrine to my experiences. It was an altar to memories. It had become the ultimate dedication to my most cherished life events.

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My semester abroad had now manifested itself into a bedpost and desk covered in pictures of desert excursions in Morocco, the landscape of Paris from the top of the Eiffel, the side streets of bustling downtown Barcelona, and the familiar walls of the kitchen in the house I’ve known my for my entire life. Then I look up and see the album covers of 12 inch vinyls that my father would play and miss him and wonder if the decor of his Upper Room is just as spectacular.

Then as I leave to go see my friends I take one last glance at the vision board that sits on the wall above my headboard. It’s filled with train and plane tickets from my travels, menus from restaurants with food foreign to my palette and an array of miscellaneous pieces of paper that all have their own unique meanings. I let out a satisfied sigh before closing the door.

The decor of one’s space should be reflective of who they are. It should illustrate their personality. It should provide a look into their culture. Most importantly, it should make them feel at home, no matter what corner of the world they might be in.