I See Fire

I knew the moment I heard Victoria singing “I See Fire” in the shower that we were going to be doing our own version of this song. When we first heard Ed Sheeran’s amazing song at the end of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”, both of us thought “that’s too contemporary for Tolkien”. But we’ve watched the movie three or four times now. And each time we do, we can’t imagine any other song playing over the end credit.

If you haven’t heard “I See Fire”, you should listen to it.

Ed Sheeran will never know we exist, but we would like to extend our heartfelt “thanks” to him for helping us to want to make music again. We don’t know where our noodling with “I See Fire” will ever lead, whether we’ll ever record our version or just noodle around with it in our rehearsal space. But it’s one of those rare songs that seems at odds with the current crop of crap that is passed off as music in popular culture. If nothing else, we just want to give Ed Sheeran a nod. We have no doubt “I See Fire” is going to be one of those songs we’ll be singing well into old age. To us, that’s the mark of a great song.


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