Connect The Dots With Ann Marie Cash

We had a wonderful time on Ann Marie Cash’s radio program, “Connect The Dots”, today. What a great lady! Ann Marie is an inspiration. Anyone who lives in Saint Petersburg and is interested in the arts has to respect what she is trying to do with The Best of St. Pete and her “Connect The Dots” radio show.

We want to thank Ann Marie for inviting us to be on her show. It helped us a lot to know that perhaps our music has reached a few people. We’ve floundered somewhat at times trying to figure out where we fit in exactly. Windhaven is not the usual fare one would find in the local Rock clubs, but we’re a little too edgy for the Beach and Margarita crowds. So where do we fit in, exactly? Thanks to Ann Marie, we’re beginning to get a clue, and we’re more convinced than ever that we need to stick to our guns.

Thanks so much to Ann Marie Cash for giving us some positive reinforcement when we needed it the most. And thanks to Erik Remmel at Life Improvement Radio for his efforts to better the world, as well. These are good people. We’re glad to have met them and look forward to knowing them better in the years to come.


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