When The Winds Blow

When The Winds Blow

Released: May 1, 2011
Label: Windhaven Network
out of print

Windhaven’s first full CD of original music, When The Winds Blow represented a departure for the band as they broke away from their acoustic roots and began to bring in more eclectic influences, laying the groundwork for their spirited live shows.

The CD was done completely “in house”, with the band writing and recording all of the songs in their home studio in Saint Petersburg, Florida. All of the original CD artwork was created by the band, as well as the CD layouts (cover insert, CD label, tray card, etcetera). Even the rain effects which end the CD were recorded by the band in Saint Petersburg.

Unhappy with the final mixing and mastering, and unable to re-mix it after losing the master tracks for almost half the album, Windhaven eventually pulled When The Winds Blow from official distribution. A legacy version is still available through the band’s web store. The album is currently available exclusively through this web site.

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  • VICTORIA SADLERlead and backing vocals, percussion
  • WICASTA LOVELACElead and backing vocals, guitar, bass, piano

Produced and Engineered by Wicasta Lovelace
Artwork and Layout by Windhaven Network

Track Listing

No. Title Length
1. You’re Not The One 6:26
2. “Burning Idols” 3:20
3. Ten Feet Tall 4:43
4. Grace (All We Are) 4:14
5. Boo Stomp 5:47
6. I Will Remain 5:11
7. Crazy Girl 3:39
8. All I Wanted 4:23
9. “Travelin’ Music” 2:02
10. So Long John 4:03
No. Title Length
1. You’re Not The One 6:26
2. Ten Feet Tall 4:43
3. All I Wanted 4:23
4. “Travelin’ Music” 2:02
5. Boo Stomp 5:47
6. “Hallelujah” 5:19
7. “Nobody Knows You” 3:12
8. “Mary Did You Know” 3:23

* NOTE: Only 5 copies of the Write City edition of When The Winds Blow were ever made. The disc was assembled by request while the album was still being recorded, and was used as a give-away promotional item for the Write City writer’s group.

Creative Commons License
When The Winds Blow by Windhaven is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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